Record shipping cost to be replaced in 2021

With the accumulation of thousands of aggressive prices from many courier companies in Indonesia, Our Company’s courier cost can present a very aggressive negotiated hargaekspedisi compared to what companies are paying for courier services at the moment.Our Company can offer its corporate customers protected and We offer delivery to all roads in Java at excellent rates with many trucks ready to provide the service. Services. By using Our Company’s courier payment list, corporate customers can save about 30% on the basic route costs compared to traditional courier costs.

Currently, we have courier jobs all over Jakarta and Surabaya. But our company is easily accessible from anywhere. You can order a truck from anywhere with harga ekspedisi and the truck will immediately identify the goods at your door and deliver them to you in Java or parts of Sumatra.


Today, courier companies are one of the main topics of discussion at transport and logistics events in Indonesia. In particular, international consulting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) has looked at five key forces that could change the structure of trade in 2019. There are five: digitization, changes in global trade, changes in domestic trade, changes in transformation and changes in domestic trade. Then there is a list of many logistics service providers who have started to develop courier businesses and are trying to retain their businesses.

So, what is the latest information on the list of courier companies in Indonesia? The local logistics business market in Indonesia has the potential to be very large in terms of population and geography, according to Ahmad Ramli, director of presentation and information expertise (PPI) at the Indonesian Ministry of Communications and Information. With 17,500 islands spread across the country, a population of 262 million and 143 million active online consumers, Indonesia is a major player in online trade and logistics. Therefore, logistics trading is an important option in Indonesia.